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Our take on privacy:

Any personal information you supply to Just Flow will be treated as strictly confidential

It is a given that your personal information will only be used for correctly processing your orders and to send you the newsletter if you have agreed to receive it. Your personal information will never be sold to third parties.

What data do we collect?

To enable us to process your order, your name, address and e-mail address and phone number are stored in the database. VAT ID is a non-required field if you are outside the EU or a retail client. If you prefer not to enter your phone number, you can enter a couple of zeros, as the script doesn't check the quality of the input.

This store uses the CCV Shop platform, and there is a data processing agreement. Their privacy statement (only available in Dutch, unfortunately) is located here

Any invoices generated are transferred directly from the store into our bookkeeping program (Exact), where we are required to save the data for 7 years for tax purposes. VAT ID's for VAT reverse charge orders are checked by an app from  Combidesk , that checks the public EU data on the VIES site and applies the reverse charge automatically.

Older orders are erased from the store database periodically, but you are welcome to request anonymisation of your order data in the store database at any time. To do so, please send us an e-mail our Customerservice adddress. We can either anonymise your orders or completely delete them from the database. This is permanent and cannot be reversed. We are, however, legally required to save all invoices for seven years for tax purposes, but those are stored in our bookkeeping program and any archived documents are destroyed after the end of those seven years.

To enable us to ship your order, your name, address and, for foreign shipments, the telephone number you supplied will be transferred to the relevant shipping partner (Shops United) via a secure method. They handle 99% of our shipping, both regular and tracable letter packages. Occasionally, we will use the website of (Post NL directly for shipping an international order under 2 kgs). Shops United retains the data for three months in case they need to start an inquiry, after that the data is deleted. Some international shipments are made using UPS, their privacy statement is located here.

To enable us to send you our newsletter, your name and e-mail address are transferred to the Mailchimp app ( They store the data in the EU, you can find their privacy statement here.

For payments we use payment providers Mollie and CCV. If you use PayPal, your e-mail address is your account number. In addition, PayPal also sends us the address they have on record, though we always use the shipping address you entered for your order. PayPal, CCV and Mollie have to comply with the same laws and regulations as a bank or other financial institution and are monitored in the same way as well. Our postpay method is Billink. This method is only available for the Netherlands (business and consumers) and Belgium (consumers). Billink processes your personal data to arrange the invoice and payment for your order. More information on this is available on their website. You can find the general conditions and payment conditions for Billink in the footer of their website.

Short privacy statement from Billink:
The personal data and/or company data you provide for any order you want to use the postpay method for will be used by us - or third parties to which any receivable is ceded (transferred) will, amongst other things, be used for:
a) risk analyses and credit score ratings to avoid over-indebtedness.
b) facilitating correct communication, administration, customer relations management, invoicing and collecting receivables resulting from use of the postpay method. 
c) avoiding, investigating and battling fraud or irrigularities;
d) contacting you for (direct) marketing purposes, providing that falls within the framework of the General Data Protection Regulation. For a complete list of processes connected to the use of this post-pay method, we refer you to the privacy statement of the provider you chose. 

In addition to that, all data will be transferred over a secure connection.

This website uses functional cookies to enable navigation, correct processing of your order and to optimise the shop. 

Cookies are used by the store script to make sure the contents of your cart and the filter settings are remembered as you navigate the website, and to ensure that you stay logged in.

The store script itself also uses the cookies to collect some anonymous data on popular products and search terms. No personal data is stored in cookies and no personal data is transferred to third parties. This site doesn't use analytics or ad-sense.

What do we use your data for?

To register and ship your order and payment and to send you the occasional newsletter if you have indicated you wish to receive it.